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Note: Reverse chronological order (the more recent are toward the top).

New faces and departures in the Association.

Élections Canada warned us that an EDA's Financial Agent couldn't also be a candidate, so Louis Casgrain was named the new Financial Agent.

2008-November-05 to 08
National CHP Convention in London, Ontario. Unfortunately, no member of the EDA was able to attend, but we want to thank Mr. Ron Gray publicly.

Another election has come and gone. Statistically, the results are disappointing, but we are not doing this for money or glory, and many people were able to hear the message of Politics based on Biblical Principles. Educating a whole Country takes time!

Kaboom! The first salvo is fired! Go see the Challenge To Politicians In Louis-Hebert!

The Louis-Hébert Returning Officer, Ms. Geneviève Camiré, called around 18h50 today to announce Stefan Jetchick was now officially a CHP candidate. Praise the Lord!

Around 11h00 AM, we tried to get an appointment with the Louis-Hébert Returning Officer, Ms. Geneviève Camiré, to file the Nomination Paper. But the Louis-Hébert office is experiencing technical difficulties, so she asked us to only come Monday Sept. 15 at 10h00 AM. So barring a contingency, our candidate will be officially approved less than 48 hours after that moment.

Thanks to all signers, and especially to all those who worked hard to get their signatures!

Canadians will vote on October 14 2008. Stefan Jetchick will try to represent the Louis-Hebert riding once more.

Moreover, the CHP Policy and Constitution Resolution Committee approved our Suggested Resolution for the 2008 CHP National Convention.

The Directors of the Louis-Hébert EDA, during the AGA, adopt a Suggested Resolution For the 2008 CHP National Convention.

The Directors of the Louis-Hébert EDA choose Stefan Jetchick as the CHP candidate for the next federal elections.

Mailed EC-20043 and EC-20081
Finished Grands-Pins and started Preston with flyers

Met with Mr. Jean Malouin to receive the official reply from Mr. Daniel Petit, Conservative Party MP for Charlesbourg-Haute-Saint-Charles.

Started hitting local mailboxes with flyers (Almost all of Grand-Pins Avenue is done).

The beginning of the end for Satan in QC

Added a Flyer section.

Meeting of the CHP Ontario Council in Ancaster (about an hour's drive South-West of Toronto). S. Jetchick participated as an observer. In the afternoon, Mrs. Leslie Bartley and Mrs. Vicki Gunn gave helpful presentations to prepare ourselves for the next election. Then there was an interesting "mock-debate" with four CHP candidates who were asked tough questions by the audience.

Ontario Council Meeting
Fortunately, everybody is in the picture, but unfortunately,
I didn't get everybody's face clearly visible. Sorry!

CHP Backbenchers! (OK, we were just at the last table at
the back, but we're working on it!)

First official meeting of the EDA!

Our little complain to the Quebec Press Council is rejected.

Life Chain in Quebec City.

Sent EC 20031 - Statement of Registered Association's Assets and Liabilities.

Copies of the CHP DVD are now available here, for borrowing out.

A copy of the DVD "C-38: the search for marriage" by Eric Spoeth, is now available here, for borrowing out.

Loose Lips, Sink Christian Ships

Mr. Don Cook, from Chilliwack, B.C., who is cycling across Canada to raise awareness of CHP, leaves Quebec City, on his way to Rivière-du-Loup, Edmundston, Moncton, Prince Edward Island, etc.

Don Cook holding off the barbarians at the gates of Saint-Louis
Don Cook risking life and limb, in order to form a human barricade
at the entrance of the fortified city of Old Québec,
in order to prevent the participants of the Montreal "OutGames 2006" from invading.

CHP members are hopelessly attracted to good leaders
Another proof that CHP members are hopelessly attracted to good leaders.

Official approval by Elections Canada of the Louis-Hébert EDA. We are the first CHP EDA in Quebec!

Updated appearance of this site to better conform to the national web site.